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2020 is an Olympic year which are always big for the large camera brands, the Olympics is one of the largest sporting events in the world and as such one of the most photographed occasions you can think of. To keep up with the fastest, strongest and most talented athletes you need cameras with the best technology, they need fast and reliable autofocus systems, they need high burst rates, basically they need to keep up with the demands of journalists and sports photographers who simply cannot miss ‘the shot’.

The Olympics Factor

For most brands the four year cycle of the Olympics gives them a nice refresh schedule, after the games are wrapped up they can research and develop new technology and aim to launch for the next Olympics, most photographers don’t upgrade their cameras as much as cellphones (every 1-2 years), but 4 years is more reasonable.

Canon v Nikon and Sony

I think this year will see some great strides in camera technology, the big three brands Canon, Nikon and Sony are already releasing new mirrorless cameras and lenses and arguably Sony has stolen the march even though traditionally the other two companies were the recognised market leaders. Sony has been leading the way with new technologies and their sensor technology was already at the cutting edge as they were supplying sensors to other brands as well as using in their own.

There has been lots of rumour and conjecture on the web about what is coming in the pipeline, my prediction is that each of the big three will launch new models in the coming months and Canon may be the sleeper in the bunch, I suspect they will release a mirrorless camera with a 45 megapixel sensor, 4k video recording with autofocus and no crop and maybe better wifi for image transfer. This will be a big seller and compete with the best Sony has to offer.

Even though these will be released for the Olympics these new models will be popular even if you are a fashion photographer, portrait photographer, boudoir photographer, or any other type of photographer[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]