Team Sky to Team INOES Branding

This retouching project was a quite intensive and intricate process. The client ‘Team INEOS‘ had a predicament of scheduling, INEOS had recently taken over the sponsorship of the British cycling team and with that they had new kits and branding manufactured for the athletes, the problem they had was that all the riders were on tour and unable to participate in a kit launch photoshoot. With the kit launch looming they asked me if I would be able to retouch the old rider profile pictures to look like the new new kit, with that I would have to colour match to the new kit, remove the old branding and add the new branding all while remaining realistic and retaining the textture and curvature of the existing image.

I took on the task of superimposing the new kit on 30 riders. Here are examples of Chris Froome, Sergio Henao and Ivan Basso.

CrossFit class bikes
Chris Froome Team Sky ProfileChris Froome Team INEOS Profile
BeforeSergio Henao Rider Profile Image