Underwater Photography Interview

Earlier this year I was interviewed by the CEO of Outex Underwater Camera Equipment, JR DeSouza. I have known JR for a while, I was initially a customer and got to know him through his excellent customer service, we ended up having conversations about how I used their underwater casings and I fed back my impressions on their fantastic equipment.

At the start of the Corona pandemic JR asked me if I’d be open to an instagram live interview where we could talk about my career as part of their ‘Outdoor Photo Series‘, the series is number of interviews with fashion photographers, action photographers and specialist underwater photographers about their careers and experience. I was honoured to be asked and enjoyed the conversation, if you’d like to hear what we discussed here’s the full interview.

Iza Roche Bikini Model
Katie Luddy by Andy Broadbent Manchester Fashion Photographer
Rachell Vallori with UK Editorial Photographer