New Photo Studio in Manchester

I am really happy to now have my own photo studio in Manchester, I gave up my last studio space in 2018 for a number of reasons but recently started looking for a small space I can use for smaller productions. Although the main focus is working business to business or via agencies it’s nice to be able to offer model portfolio updates and having my own photo studio enables me to be more versatile and work directly with models.

The photographic studio is situated on the border of Manchester and Stockport, near my home. In the past month I have been able to arrange a number of shoots directly with models or through their model agencies and will be regularly booking model book updates and model tests in Manchester. I have already found it advantageous to have a photo studio of my own where I can test lighting scenarios, book model tests or offer photo studio hire.

Below are some images from recent photoshoots in my studio it’s a modest size but versatile enough to photograph a number of styles. Check out these images I have shot with Tristan Jones, Fabian Brown Johnson, Grace Bowker, Eve Deacon and Zara Burfitt.

Fabian Brown-Johnson by Andy Broadbent