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Fashion and Editorial Photographer

As a fashion photographer, editorials are an important part of your career, they give you an opportunity to control the theme and style which you often don’t have the opportunity to do if you are working for a creative agency. I don’t do as many of these fashion editorials as I should due to workload but recently made sure I could produce a good story for editorial purposes. We conducted the editorial photoshoot in Wales as sometimes you overlook the beauty of the British Isles in your yearning for far away exotic holidays, sometimes it’s nice to take advantage places nearer afield, if that’s a term.

We had an astonishingly sunny day for February. Myself Matt Peacock, on of my favourite Manchester models, at Boss Model Management and Kate Simpson at JD Sports (Ace wardrobe stylist) took to the rolling fields of surrounding area to shoot this ‘Outward Bound’ Editorial, the story was to convey and old fashioned love of nature and simplicity in. a modern world. The Editorial was published online at HUF Magazine.

Matt doesn’t do many editorials but said that I am one of the few editorial photographers he will collaborate with on these photoshoots and I was pleased he had such faith in me as a location photographer.

Also, unlike me, Matt is quite outdoorsy so took to it with aplomb whereas I was off camera getting stuck ankle deep in boggy marshes – anything for the shot though.

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