Manchester Fitness Photographer

In this recent editorial fashion photographyfitness photographer‘ themed assignment myself, Matt Peacock of Boss Models and Kat Simpson (Wardrobe Stylist) decided to use The Rocky movies as inspiration. If you are familiar with the movies, Sylvester Stallone tends to retreat to a low tech training camp whenever he is the underdog in the fight, whether that be punching joints of meat in a butchers freezer, chasing chickens or pulling horse carts in Siberia.

In our version, we wanted to hold this location photoshoot in some sort of junk yard where Matt could use the found objects as gym equipment, we wanted to give it a gritty outdoorsy look and managed to find just such a place on the outskirts of Wales. We happened upon the location by chance so I hope it wasn’t trespassing as we decided to go the route of ‘ask for forgiveness rather than permission’.

Kate styled the shoot wonderfully, during discussions we had mentioned a vintage look or British Heritage and Kate managed to source some great pieces from British Vintage Boxing which fit the brief perfectly and some of the images look like they could come straight out of David Gandy’s Portfolio.

Location Fashion Photography

The day was a perfect day for a location photoshoot, a lot of fashion photographers avoid hard light like the plague but I really enjoy it for the contrasty impactful light, you just have to remember to try and not blow any highlights and make sure the model knows good angles to avoid unflattering shadows on their face. As you’ll see in my photography portfolio Matt is one of my most used Manchester Models.

The final images are somewhere between a fashion photographer, editorial photographer and fitness photographer style and could even pass for the work of a streetwear photographer

Check out the photography galleries below or more of my work as a fitness photographer in this portfolio.

Hanging tough, staying hungry. Editorial Fashion Photography Andbro Photography
Hanging tough, staying hungry. Editorial Fashion Photography Andbro Photography