Squatwolf | Fitness Photography

I am pleased to finally be able to publish these images I photographed for Squatwolf, the imagery is from a shoot in September with the Dubai based sports apparel company.

Over two nights in Liverpool we captured video and stills for a campaign for Squatwolf, it was a fun and challenging shoot with fast moving subjects, low light and all the normal hurdles of shooting in public – the story followed to men navigating their way through Liverpool and trying to arrive on time to a spinning class, the twist was that the footage and still were shot in a way to mislead the viewer into thinking the men were trying to evade capture by the police and then the reveal at the end is that they were just running late for the class.

Squatwolf is an already established brand in Dubai that is expanding to the European market, so the new campaign was to get a look and feel of a more British, urban lifestyle. Hopefully you like the images – if you are interested in booking any photography, please contact me on this contact me.