In the bustling city of Manchester, where fashion and creativity intertwine, I, a freelance photographer, recently embarked on an enthralling studio photoshoot with the radiant Evie Thompson, a talented model represented by Boss Model Management. Alongside us was the skilled makeup and hair artist, Etti Perez, represented by Creatives Agency. This shoot marked an exciting journey of experimentation as I trialed new equipment to replace the storm-damaged gears that once adorned my studio. The highlight of this endeavor was the GODOX KNOWLED 300D LED Light, coupled with the VSA-AK 26 Spotlight Mount, a powerful combination that allowed us to channel light in mesmerizing ways and replicate the allure of natural light through captivating geometric shapes. Join me as I delve into the depths of this unforgettable Manchester fashion photoshoot.

The Setting: A Haven of Creativity

Located in the heart of Manchester, my studio serves as a sanctuary for artistic expression. As a freelance photographer, I strive to create a space where my clients can freely showcase their unique styles and personalities. For this particular fashion photoshoot, Evie Thompson’s presence exuded grace and poise, a canvas waiting to be adorned with sartorial masterpieces.

Meet the Talent

Evie Thompson, the epitome of elegance, graced the studio with her enchanting presence. Represented by Boss Model Management, Evie’s striking features and magnetic aura made her an ideal muse for this project. Etti Perez, the talented makeup and hair artist from Creatives Agency, worked her magic, accentuating Evie’s natural beauty, transforming her into an ethereal vision that harmonized flawlessly with the artistic vision we sought to convey.

Innovative Equipment and Artistic Vision

With a determination to produce exceptional results, I set out to test my latest acquisition – the GODOX KNOWLED 300D LED Light. This powerhouse of illumination, equipped with the VSA-AK 26 Spotlight Mount, offered a wealth of possibilities to explore. The Spotlight Mount’s ability to channel light into a focused beam, akin to a theatre spotlight, allowed us to create dramatic and dynamic effects, sculpting the light to interact with Evie’s captivating features.

The Artistry of GOBOs

One of the most enthralling aspects of the GODOX KNOWLED 300D LED Light with the VSA-AK 26 Spotlight Mount was its adaptability with GOBOs. These thin metal plates could be customized with shapes and designs, serving as a canvas for artistic expression through light. As the light passed through the GOBOs, it projected intricate patterns and geometric shapes, transforming the studio into a dreamscape of shadows and highlights.

The Play of Light and Shadows

The interplay of light and shadows was nothing short of mesmerizing. The Spotlight Mount allowed us to shape the light, emphasizing Evie’s features while leaving certain areas delicately shrouded in shadows, adding depth and allure to the images. The geometric patterns created by the GOBOs added a touch of mystery and sophistication, elevating the fashion photoshoot into a realm of pure artistry.

Embracing the Beauty of Imperfections

As we experimented with various settings and angles, the beauty of imperfections unfolded before our eyes. The GODOX KNOWLED 300D LED Light’s ability to replicate the look of light through windows with geometric shapes added a whimsical touch to the images, infusing them with a sense of timelessness and otherworldliness.

The Collaborative Spirit

The success of this Manchester fashion photoshoot was a testament to the power of collaboration. Evie’s natural ability to exude confidence in front of the camera, coupled with Etti’s artistic prowess in crafting flawless makeup looks and hairstyles, enriched the images with an unspoken narrative. Their dedication and enthusiasm harmonized perfectly with my vision, making this endeavor a memorable and rewarding experience.


In the vibrant city of Manchester, where creativity knows no bounds, I had the privilege of embarking on an extraordinary fashion photoshoot. Evie Thompson’s allure, along with the artistry of Etti Perez, brought life to the captivating imagery we created together. The GODOX KNOWLED 300D LED Light with the VSA-AK 26 Spotlight Mount served as an invaluable tool, empowering us to weave magic through the interplay of light and shadows. As the shutter clicked and the frames came to life, we celebrated the beauty of imperfections, the artistry of collaboration, and the boundless possibilities that lie within the realm of creative exploration.

In the heart of Manchester, the spirit of art and fashion reigns supreme, and we, as creatives, are forever inspired to push the boundaries of our craft, unlocking new dimensions of beauty and storytelling through our lens.

Evie Thompson | Fashion Photographer Manchester
Evie Thompson | Fashion Photographer Manchester
Evie Thompson | Portrait Photographer Manchester
Evie Thompson | Fashion Photographer Manchester
Evie Thompson | Fashion Photographer Manchester
Evie Thompson | Fashion Photographer Manchester