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Manchester Fashion Photographer in Los Angeles

Manchester photography in 2020 is predominantly e-commerce studio photography shoots. Large brands like BooHoo and Pretty Little things have changed the landscape of the industry and ‘fast fashion’ dominates, because of this it’s a rare pleasure to work on fun location photography shoots with models from far flung places and this project did not disappoint.

Location Photoshoots

On a recent working trip to America I managed to work with Rachell Vallori, Rachell is a stunningly beautiful Cubana model represented by one of the Worlds premier model agencies, and she’s worked with high profile celebrity fashion photographers like David Bellemere and Randall Slavin – and now Andy Broadbent so I am among good company. Rachell and I had recently worked on another photoshoot and had worked well together so she asked, if I was passing through again, that we could do a nice beach editorial – and that’s what we did.

Here’s some images from our location photoshoot on Venice Beach, Rachell styled the clothing herself and Michelle Navarro provided the make-up artistry, and for my part I offered the lens of a fashion photographer, I love these kind of shoots, it wasn’t a massive production just three people with a common interested to shoot a fashion editorial of their own direction.

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