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Manchester Editorial Photographer

Verity Hensey, at Boss Models, and I had been trying to arrange a test shoot, or modeling portfolio, for ages. Verity is a highly sought-after Manchester model who operates out of London due to her nationwide success. In the end I was lucky enough to catch Ms Hensey when she was home visiting family.

Fortunately for me, Verity knew who I was even though if you type ‘fashion photographer Manchester‘ into Google I am not the first name to come up, as I am too busy shooting to figure out website SEO.

As is the case with most successful models, Verity was very professional and helpful in organising the studio photoshoot and even helped out with sourcing the make-up artist and stylist (who she knows from Boss Models). The importance of good team members of collaborative shoots like this cannot be understated and the team performed admirably on this test.

We got it together at Beehive Photographic Studio Manchester (this studio is a fashion photographers dream), and shot some Rosie Huntington-Whiteley inspired images, Verity was the perfect muse for this type of shoot, balancing femininity and elegance. Rocking the White pant suit she looks like the ultimate ‘girl boss’.

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