Interview with a Fashion Photographer

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Creators Magazine recently for their ‘Sultry’ Issue, they wanted to speak with a fashion photographer whose experience spanned a few genres and I was honoured they chose me.

Creators is a source of never ending inspiration for those who dare to be different and are pushing their creativity to new levels. We focus on creating content to help our readers grow and to give them a community to make this more than just a magazine.

It’s not a common thing for me to be interviewed, however, it’s interesting speaking with other photography industry professionals or journalists. This time around the magazine emailed me a number of questions so I didn’t have the pressure of being on camera and I could pause and give more thought to my answers, which I appreciated. The interviewer asked questions about my entire career in fashion and advertising photography as well as how the ‘high end’ retouching I offer dovetails into the other services, they also asked about specific photoshoots, advice to aspiring photographers and how it is working with talent on model portfolios.

The issue is available here, if you manage to get hold of a copy let me know your thoughts, I hope the information and advice about photography came across well. If you’d like to see an interview I gave earlier this year with Outex Underwater Photography, and hear my insights into advertising and fashion photography it’s available here.